Zeleno želimo

Zeleno želimo is a European Union project approved for funding under the Slovenia-Croatia Interreg cross-border cooperation program. The intensity of public support is 85% of total eligible costs, and the estimated duration is 15 months

Zeleno želimo is a cross-border project implemented by Ludbreg in partnership with Čakovec Development Agency and partners from Slovenia, Murska Subota Chamber of Agriculture and Forestry, Murska Subota Agricultural and Forestry Institute,  Cooperative for Integrated Vegetable Production and Institute of Advanced Technologies and Communications Murska Subota. Within the project, partners worked on developing a market promotion system for agricultural producers, ie on the organization and implementation of sales and promotion channels such as “Green Dots” which were used as promotional places for farmers and presentation of their products. 45 agricultural producers from the Croatian side were involved in the project.

The project aimed to improve economic growth and competitiveness of producers of agricultural products by the development of innovative and comprehensive approaches for the promotion and sale of heterogeneous rural and agricultural products of higher quality.

The total project value is 469.470,67 € and it was financed from Slovenia-Croatia Interreg cross-border cooperation program.

Field of action:  Cross-border cooperation 

Geographical coverage: Slovenia (Podravska region, Pomurska region) and northwestern Croatia (Varaždin County, Međimurje County)

Link to the web page: https://lokalno.je/

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