Webinar on the management of public resources through a gendered perspective

The Department of Economy and Finance of the Generalitat of Catalonia held a webinar on 22 June about gender and the public sphere. The main focus was to reflect on the gender perspective and its impact on public resources management as well as on European Cohesion Policy. The event was part of Together for Cohesion campaign and gathered more than 100 participants from the public administration.

The Vice President and Minister of Economy and Finance of the Generalitat, Pere Aragonés, gave an introductory speech and welcomed the participants. Among the panelists was Mercè Brey, an Expert in Diversity and Leadership, who spoke about the importance of the gender perspective and the value of female leadership in the way public organizations function. She stressed there is a societal need to embrace the gender perspective in public administration, as it is the only way to ensure fair and ethical decisions.

The webinar was concluded with a round table discussion of female high-ranking officials from the Generalitat, who manage funds and gave their opinion on how the gender perspective manifests in practice. Present at the round table were: Anna Tarrach, General Director of Budgets, Mercè Corretja, General Director of Public Procurement, Ariadna Rectoret, Director of ZOCO, Nuria Espuny, General Director of Transparency and Open Data and Mireia Mata, General Director of Equality.

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Press release (spanish)