Varaždin’s Technology Park introduces “Young Innovative Career Trackers” Project

Technology Park Varaždin Ltd. is a company that deals with the establishment of an incubation centre for innovative start-up companies. It facilitates knowledge exchange and networking, and it promotes innovation as the foundation of a new economy. In that way, the Technology Park hosts important projects funded from the EU Cohesion Fund.

One of these programs is the “Young Innovative Career Trackers”. It is addressed to young people with no specific education in entrepreneurship but with an interest to become entrepreneurs. The initiative also targets companies that need help to launch their pilot innovation projects. After offering training to young people tailored to the needs of the innovative companies, the program matches them together. Therefore, the companies are equipped with new human capital.

This initiative should become an important boost to Varaždin’s economy, as it will increase youth employment and create new opportunities in the field of innovation. Varaždin Technology Park represents the core of this project by providing comprehensive training and consulting services at a stimulating environment as well as by brining entrepreneurial people together.

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