Varazdin’s new Creative Industry Centre

ABCitiEs is a project of the Interreg program and is financed by the EU Cohesion Fund. The acronym ABCE stands for ‘Area Based Collective Entrepreneurship’ which means that entrepreneurs collaborate by co-investing in facilities or technology, market their urban district collectively, improve shared public space, etc. The project amounts to EUR 1,596,561 and it is running from 1st June 2018 until 31st May 2022.

Five European urban regions are involved in this project: Amsterdam, Athens, Manchester, Vilnius, and the conurbation Varazdin-Cakovic (Croatia). All regions currently experiment with ABCE and initiated this project to share experiences and gain deeper insights in order to develop more effective policy instruments.

The City of Varazdin has developed an interesting initiative in the context of the ABCE project: it answered to the lack of spaces for creative entrepreneurs and freelancers with the development of a new Creative Industry Centre. The space is giving an emphasis on actors of cultural and creative industries that work digitally and will provide them with an opportunity to connect and grow their business on a regional, European and International level. As Sandra Malenica -Deputy Mayor of the City of Varaždin and one of the stakeholder in the ABCitiES project- affirmed in her interview about the Centre, this initiative is going to create more jobs with higher salaries for young people.

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