How to Communicate about EU funded projects 

Within the project Together4Cohesion: Let’s rEUnite!, Croatian region Varaždinska županija organized the webinar on How to Communicate about the Projects Financed from the Instruments of Cohesion Policy. The webinar was attended by the representatives of local and regional governments in Varaždinska županija, local and regional public institutions as well as private entrepreneurs who are all potential beneficiaries of financial instruments of Cohesion Policy.

Larisa Križan Breljak, Deputy Head of Regional Development and European Affairs in Varaždinska County explained the objectives and importance of the project and communication about the Cohesion Policy. She emphasized that citizens, who are the final beneficiaries of the Cohesion Policy and Cohesion Policy funded projects sometimes see this communication as too complicating and focused on numbers instead of feelings and stories about how the lives improved owing to the Cohesion Policy. That is the reason why this project, co-financed by the European Union, through the European Commission Directorate-General for Regional and Urban Policy (DG Regio), is based on the bottom-up approach, where local stakeholders share their experience and lessons learned to other potential beneficiaries in several European regions.

Ivana Ipša, director of VOP Digital Marketing Agency from Varaždin presented her experience in communicating projects and campaigns by using social media. She explained the importance of digital marketing and social media in contemporary communication and the importance of good content in order to attract followers and supporters of a certain brand or the initiative. When it comes to communicating European funded projects on social media. Ms Ipša stressed out the need to have quality, clear and simple messages that can easily reach the targeted audience and evoke the feelings that people can relate to.

Ms Marina Klačmer Čalopa, Vice Dean for Business and Human Resources at the Faculty of Organization and Informatics in Varaždin, presented the Cohesion Policy funded projects that the Faculty has been running and their impact on the education in the region, new studying programmes developed by the Faculty and the exchange of knowledge and experience between the students. She described all the tools that the Faculty is using in promoting their projects such as visual identity, web pages, newsletters and conference presentations, as well as word of mouth by project beneficiaries. She concluded her presentation by saying that if it is not disseminated, that it is non-existent.