TRISAN is a trinational competence centre that seeks to optimise transnational and cross-border cooperation in the health care field through integrated projects in the Upper-Rhine region. The primary objective of TRISAN is the development of cooperation efforts in matters of healthcare through:

  • structuring cross-border networks,
  • helping partners to structure their cross-border projects,
  • producing and managing knowledge.

Created in 2016 as an INTERREG project, TRISAN has been involved also in a variety of other projects since then. The competence centre is, for example, currently coordinating a second INTERREG project co-founded by regional French, German and Swiss health care authorities as well as local and regional authorities, running a study of emergency medical services at the German border, a contribution to a B-Solution project on obstacles in terms for social security in the French-German border, etc.

TRISAN’s activities include the production of information about the health care systems of the neighbouring countries on the German-French-Swiss border, support for network development, contribution to evaluations in various fields, promotion of cooperation between emergency medical services, patient mobility, analysis of obstacles in the field of social security, etc. TRISAN is affiliated with the Euro-Institute in Kehl (Germany), a Franco-German organisation for training, advice and support in matters of cross-border cooperation founded in 1993.

Field of action: Health

Geographical coverage: Germany (Baden-Württemberg, Rhineland-Palatinate), France (Alsace) and Switzerland

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