Trentino contributes to Digital innovation through Osiris project

The Autonomous Province of Trento – or Trentino as it is commonly known – is part of Osiris Interreg, a project financed by EU Cohesion Fund. Osiris is a project aiming to improve design, rapid delivery and implementation of social innovation policies and action plans. It is comprised of 7 partner public bodies, has a budget of EUR 1,758,754 and will run until September 2020.

Trentino’s contribution to the project as partner has been diverse. First, the region co-organised two working sessions to discuss the analysis and trends as described in the European Commission’s European Data Market 2018 report. Second, the region created an open data action plan, which is based on the partner regions’ good practices. It aims at fostering a culture of open data in public authorities in order to generate economic and social value.

The Osiris project managed to bring together all different types of stakeholders – both local and international – interested in digital and data economy. The aim is to discover ways of action that are in line with the current data trends. Therefore, the action plan developed by Trentino focused on how the inputs collected by the stakeholders can be assessed in order to create innovative and effective data policies.

The open data plan was also presented at the Smart week organised on 12-15 April 2018 in Trentino, where some of its activities – such as the Open Data Hackabot – were promoted. The event hosted many discussions of the digital agenda in Trentino and offered an interactive platform to connect with local stakeholders.

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