Together for Cohesion!


We want to involve you – let’s rEUnite!

Together for Cohesion!

The cohesion policy has a sigificant positive impact on lives of the Europeans. Yet it still might be difficult to understand for some citizens. The project “Together for Cohesion: let’s rEUnite!” is a 12-month communication campaign coordinated by the Assembly of European Regions (AER) in cooperation with the German communication agency mc Group. The main objective is to raise awareness of the European Union’s cohesion policy among EU citizens and other relevant stakeholders.

To show the importance of the cohesion policy, success stories of previously supported projects in 6 pilot European regions are being used: Trento (Italy), Csongrad (Hungary), Varazdin (Croatia), Catalonia (Spain), Timis and Alba (both Romania). After engaging the regions, the project team started collecting good practices (successful communication campaings concerning the cohesion policy) from the past and also relevant regional events to create a European cohesion calendar. The knowledge-sharing workshop showed regional representatives communication examples that can inspire them while telling their stories to their target groups.

The communication campaign that was officialy launched during AER General Assembly on 5 June in Larnaca will include media relations, press trips, digital communication and communication trainings for relevant stakeholders.

You know of a successful project supported by Cohesion Policy in one of these regions? You were working on one? You want to share your experience? Please let us know!

Birgit Sandu