Together for Cohesion! Let’s rEUnite!

Let’s rEUnite project: Together for cohesion! is an EU-funded project (DG REGIO) that looks at identifying and exchanging good practices on communication initiatives at regional level in order to inform the European citizens about the benefits of the EU Cohesion Policy.
We want to raise awareness about the importance of programmes, projects and services funded by the Cohesion policy funds in terms of benefits on citizens’ every-day life.
We also aim to encourage the participation of citizens and stakeholders on Cohesion policy to turn them in active players in the regional and national dialogue on Cohesion policy.
What will happen next?
We will be sharing good practices and success stories regarding EU Cohesion Policy, especially from the participating regions:

  • Alba, Romania
  • Timis, Romania
  • Catalonia, Spain
  • Varazdin, Croatia
  • Csongrádm Hungary
  • Trentino, Italy

You know of a successful project supported by Cohesion Policy in one of these regions? You were working on one? You want to share your experience? Please let us know!

BIRGIT SANDU – European Projects Manager
Email: b.sandu(at)

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