‘Together for Cohesion’ event in Csongrad helps promote children’s climate awareness

The Local Government of Csongrád-Csanád County organised a climate awareness drawing competition for children supported by the „Together for Cohesion” project of the Assembly of European Regions. The main purpose of the competition was to provide a pleasant environment for children in order to express their feelings towards climate protection and to develop ideas for helping the planet cope with climate change through the art of drawing. In their drawings, children depicted what they would change in their own and adults’ behaviours to create a more liveable and sustainable world.

After receiving around 600 entries to the competition, the host announced the best works in the framework of an official award ceremony in the Szent-Györgyi Albert Agora in Szeged on  23 June, 2020. In the afternoon, dr. Ágnes Gulyás, assistant professor of Faculty of Climatology and Landscape Ecology of University of Szeged moderated a climate workshop for students.

Please find here and here the online catalogue of the children’s entries.