Timiș receives EU funding for new transport infrastructure

On 1 October 2019, the City Hall of Timișoara – seat of Timiș County – and the Agency for Regional Development West signed two new financial contracts through the Regional Operational Program 2014-2020. The total cost of the projects amounts to EUR 51.82 million, with a grant value of EUR 28.87 million.

The first project envisages the rehabilitation of Calea Bogdăneștilor road. It will modernize a total of 4.95 kilometres of road tracks and create more space for bike lanes and sidewalks. The project will also rehabilitate 7 public transport stations, which will become more accessible to people with special needs.  Finally, over 9,500 square meters of green space and a new electricity supply system will be set up in the area.

The second project will equip the transport system of Timisoara with 7 new trams. The trams will be energy efficient, accessible to people with special needs and equipped with passenger information and e-ticket systems. This investment aims to increase passenger comfort, the average speed of travelling and accessibility, so that the public transport becomes more sustainable and attractive in the city of Timisoara.

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