The new hospital ambulatory in Alba County

In 24 October 2019, the hospital of Cugir in Alba County benefited from a contract allocating a funding of over EUR 2 million from the European Commission’s Regional Operational Program 2014-2020 for investment purposes. The contract was signed between the Agency for Regional Development and Cugir’s Mayor, Mr. Adrian Teban. The investment aims to fund the acquisition of over 200 types of medical equipment, which will modernise the ambulatory care facilities and significantly improve the quality of medical services provided there.

As Mr. Teban affirms, this is not the first time that Alba County benefits from European funds, which have contributed to the rehabilitation of vital infrastructure –such as roads, hospitals and buildings- in the context of sustainable development. These investments have proved to significantly improve the access of citizens to services even at remote areas as well as benefit the environmental concerns by reducing CO2 emissions and energy overconsumption.

Especially in the field of healthcare, Alba County has already 14 projects on the way, including the modernisation of the hospital in Cugir, which amount to approximately EUR 30 million from the European Cohesion Fund.  These projects are not only of vital importance to the quality of citizen’s life in the County, but they will also help to boost the development of smaller cities such as Cugir.

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