The Forte Colle delle Benne in Levico Terme

The Colle delle Benne fortress was built by the Austro-Hungarian army in the 1880’s in Levico Terme. Thanks to fresh investments from the City, from privates and from the cultural association “Forte delle Benne”, the fortress became a historic and cultural hub of Trentino, with guided tours and monthly events for the whole family. Because of its cultural activity, the fortress was funded by the L.E.A.D.E.R. project, part of the Rural Development Programme (RDP) of Trentino, to further improve its offer, together with inclusivity and participation. Thanks to the funding, tablets and smartphones for visitors were bought, and a new digital experience (which involved young local businesses and people) was created. Three new paths were introduced: Fortezza Imperiale (Imperial fortress), dedicated to history lovers with detailed facts and documents about the place recalled with a QR Code scan, Storiarte (History & Art), which includes 10 augmented reality artworks; and Giochi al Forte, five mini-games in five different areas of the fortress to let children enjoy their visit even more.

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