The digital transformation of Vall d’Hebron Hospital in Catalonia

Catalonia’s Hospital Vall d’Hebron has invested funds from the European Regional Development Fund in the digitalization of its patient care. SmartCare and SmartProcess are the two new digital projects, which will improve the quality of treatment and patient experience. Also, as part of SmartCare, the App “Mi Vall d’Hebron” has been developed, allowing patients to better organise their visits to the hospital and monitor their treatments. The cost of the project is at EUR 8 million, with 50% coming from the EU.

Vall d’Hebron is considered the most important hospital complex in Catalonia and has the highest number of operations. Therefore, its innovative digitalisation project is setting a good example in Catalonia’s healthcare system, as it is expected to considerably improve the efficiency of patient care by 2021. Its digital transformation will include–among other things–the creation of a digital waiting room, the option of tele-diagnosis and video conference tools to enable fast inter-consultation.

Furthermore, SmartProcess will digitalise data storage and open the way for faster and more accurate diagnoses. The new digital equipment that comes with the project will be connected to the data. It will also allow for the digital planning of the medical procedures, the digital measurements of the patient and statistical monitoring of potential medical errors.

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