SHINE – Sustainable Houses in an Inclusive Neighbourhood (INTERREG 2 SEAS)

Habitat du Littoral, as social housing organisation, is a key stakeholder in energy retrofitting actions. It is particularly interested in issues related to better energy consumption, fighting against fuel poverty and improving the thermal comfort for tenants.

These questions are shared by many entities in the area covered by the INTERREG VA 2 seas program and it is natural that Habitat du Littoral joined the Sustainable Houses in an Inclusive Neighborhood (SHINE) project with 13 partners and 19 observers located in England, France, Belgium and the Netherlands.

Their aim is to develop a common approach to reduce carbon emissions of energy renovations in the residential sector. Residents and tenants must be at the core of the project.

Two renovation strategies are dealt with by different partners:

  • How to renovate on complex sites with different constraints (technical, economic, social constraints)?
  • How to renovate, and ensure that the building produces as much energy as it needs (Building net energy consumption zero or NZE)?

Habitat du Littoral focusses on the first item with 3 different pilot sites:

  • FAIDHERBE : change the way of living by increasing shared spaces

  • ADAMY : improve heating systems

  • Renovate a complex high storey building with 146 dwellings

Field of action: Environment

Geographical coverage: UK, France, Belgium and the Netherlands

Link to the web page:

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