RIDE & BIKE II is a project worth 875.472,55 euros. It is based on the outcomes of the Paths of Heritage, Marking along the Sotla, Wellness 3+ and RIDE & BIKE projects, which were aiming to improve tourism. These projects were aimed at improving the tourist offer of a cross-border destination through the inventory of cultural heritage (Heritage Routes), marking hiking, mountaineering and wine tourist trails (Marking at Sotla), development of cross-border destination through 3 thematic parts of the offer: active vacation, natural heritage experience and gastronomy, culture (Wellness 3+), and the development, tracing and digitization of equestrian and cycling routes in the cross-border area (RIDE & BIKE).

The RIDE & BIKE II project, through the development of new tourist products, directly upgrades the achieved results of these projects, bearing in mind and additionally focusing on the preservation, valorization and interpretation of natural and cultural offer through the offer of active tourism (cycling, horseback riding).

The key result of the project is the contribution to the increase in the number of visitors in the cross-
border destination (by 3,600 visitors), while the direct outcomes of the project are:

  1. organized cross-border offer through defined 2 tourist cross-border products based on smart
    integration of protected natural (NATURA 2000, other forms of nature protection) and cultural (castles
    and manors, museums, old cores-registered heritage) heritage
  2. developed RIDE & BIKE standards with 10 standardized facilities of tourist services (catering,
    accommodation, etc.)
  3. Developed awareness of key stakeholders about the importance and possibilities of tourist
    valorization of natural and cultural heritage and their smart integration with the offer of active tourism
  4. strengthened capacities for management and marketing of RIDE & BIKE tourism products
  5. promoted cross-border RIDE & BIKE tourist offer

All these results will improve the management of natural and cultural heritage and its valorization and integration for tourism purposes, which will significantly increase the sustainability of new RIDE & BIKE tourism products and raise the attractiveness of cross-border tourist destinations.

Field of action:  Tourism, Cultural heritage

Geographical coverage: Croatia/Slovenia


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