Message from the Varaždin County Prefect

According to the public data of the Croatian Ministry of Finance, the so-called “Open Budget”, Varaždin County has been achieving excellent results in the use of EU funds for the second year in a row. Counties and regions without EU money do not have any purpose of existence; this is why regional levels must have the strength and capacities to use other resources and implement EU projects. One is not a competent governor or mayor by using only the money of citizens from taxes. Moreover, political decision-makers must also be competent to find a way to other financial resources such as EU funds. Croatia’s accession to EU funds opened many opportunities to Croatian counties and those counties, which are using EU funds, have become useful and successful units of self-government.

Varaždin County is completely open to interregional cooperation, because we believe that only through joint forces and the exchange of experience can European regions advance in development and provide to citizens services and living conditions they deserve.

Varaždin County Prefect
Radimir Čačić