Rehabilitation of the Meka landfill in Ludbreg

The project contributed to the achievement of the objectives of the Waste Management Strategy of Republic of Croatia and the Waste Management Plan for the period 2007-2015, given that one of the objectives is to close and rehabilitate all existing uncoordinated landfills in parallel with the construction of waste management centers. The total project value is 4.286.192,56 € and it was financed from the Cohesion Fund and Croatian Fund for Environmental Protection and Energy Efficiency. 

The project continued by the construction of a recycling yard in the area of Ludbreg with the aim of increasing the rate of separately collected waste and reducing the amount of waste disposed of in landfills. In both projects, activities with a higher order of priority in the waste management hierarchy with the best environmental outcome was implemented. The establishment of a recycling yard upgraded the existing waste separation system, with the aim of encouraging citizens, institutions and other stakeholders to carry out activities with a higher order of waste management priority (preventing waste on the doorstep, enabling reuse, opening a reuse corner within the recycling yard, recycling and other forms of recovery).

Field of action: environmental protection

Geographical coverage:  Ludbreg area

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