Learning how to communicate about Cohesion Policy in Trentino

The Province of Trento participated in the training course “Communication of European funds using social media”, which is part of the Together4Cohesion campaign.

On January 23, 2020, the training course “The communication of European funds using social media” was held by IFOA professor Alessio Conti, who is an expert in Digital Marketing, Branding strategies and social media. The course was organized at the Library of the Province of Trento.

The course was attended by 20 stakeholders of the Province of Trento, who are directly involved in information and communication activities of European funds, and offered an interesting overview on Digital Marketing, social media and their evolution. A specific focus was put on how digital media can be better used to communicate European cohesion policies to the public.

The course was specifically addressed to stakeholders of the Province of Trento as a part of the activities foreseen in Italy by the project “Together4Cohesion: let’s rEUnite!”. It was launched by the Assembly of European Regions (AER) with the financial support of the European Commission.