Kultnatura is a European Union project approved for funding under the Slovenia-Croatia Interreg cross-border cooperation program. The intensity of public support is 85% of total eligible costs, and the estimated duration is 16 months

As part of the project, 4 micro-products for tourism were developed, two on each side of the border. 4 micro-products, which are positioned in four locations, are connected in 1 common tourist product.

Regarding micro-products from the Croatian side, Ludbreg has developed a micro-product “Wine” that refers to the history of viticulture and winemaking. In the wine cellar “Trsek” people form Ludbreg and visitors can taste different wine and other local products exclusively from the Ludbreg vineyards. The project was also focused on the development of tourism

accommodation capacities in the cross-border area and their connection into a common tourist product. In addition to developing micro-products that make up a unique cross-border tourism product, the project included promotion activities, numerous workshops for local stakeholders to provide knowledge and skills for the development of this type of sustainable tourism, development of strategies, and action plans.

The total project value is 836.515,00 € and it was financed from Slovenia-Croatia Interreg cross-border cooperation program.

Field of action:  Cross-border cooperation 

Geographical coverage:  Croatia and Slovenia (cross-border cooperation) 

Link to the web page:    https://kultnatura.eu/hr/home-2/

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