Journalists visited Axa Porcelaine, a beneficiary of EU cohesion policy

On 20 February, six journalists visited the Axa Porcelaine factory in Alba Iulia (Romania) during a press trip organised in the context of the “Let’s rEUnite: Together for Cohesion!” campaign.

Axa Porcelaine is a local company, which started as a small family business, but thanks to the financial support from EU cohesion policy, it grew and expanded the sale of its products to the European market. The company produces high quality porcelain objects for over 28 years and is now the second largest manufacturer of porcelain in Romania.

According to Amalia Baciu-Sarmeș, Marketing & Sales Manager in Axa Porcelaine, the company is among the three porcelain producers in the Romanian market who managed to survive the financial crisis and expand further. After receiving a fund of 200,000 euros from the EU cohesion funds, the company successfully improved its technical equipment, which resulted in better products and new job positions. With 50 employees, a turnover of approximately 1 million euros and a growth rate of 15-18% per year, Axa porcelain is an example of a business model that managed to thrive with the assistance of cohesion policy.

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