The Isonzo- Soča river rises in Slovenia and flows in Italy.  It represents a shared heritage to Gorizia (Italy), Nova Gorica and Šempeter-Vrtojba (Slovenia), even if it is not always fully and consciously used by the inhabitants of the area. The project aims at “giving back” the river to the cities, encouraging citizens and tourist to exploit a space along – and crossed by – the river that was neglected for several years. This objective will be achieved by planning and building a cross-border network of walking and cycling routes that will constitute a single and joint cross-border urban park, enhancing the accessibility of the area, promoting the sustainable mobility of the population of the involved cities and – by attracting tourists – strengthening the overall economy of the region.

The project includes also a strategic plan for the promotion of the Isonzo-Soča cross-border natural park, the first integrated study which considers the cross-border area of ​​the EGTC GO as a single and joint one from the touristic point of view. The Isonzo-Soča project is the first case in Europe of implementation of an Integrated Territorial Investment (ITI) at cross- border level and represents the overcoming of legal and administrative barriers between states.

To carry out the infrastructural works in Slovenia, the EGTC GO published a call for applications in Slovenia applying Slovenian legislation. It had never happened before for an entity under Italian public law. Furthermore, to entrust tasks and services for the project, EGTC GO created a telematic bilingual e-platform, that allows both Italian and Slovenian applicants to participate in
public procurements. The project is part of the Programme  Interreg V-A 2014-2020 Italy- Slovenia with a total budget of 5.000.000 Euros. It will run for the period 2017-2021.

Field of action: Natural and cultural heritage

Geographical coverage: Italy/Slovenia

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