The project “Improvement of continental tourism through the valorization of historical and cultural heritage of Ludbreg” colloquially called Archeological park IOVIA BOTIVO was based on improving the existing cultural and tourist offer with the intention of sustainable use and management of cultural heritage and developing new cultural, tourist and economic facilities, products and services in Ludbreg and the region. The problem that the project has solved is the underdeveloped and non-diversified cultural and tourist offer of Ludbreg and the low rate of valorization and utilization of cultural goods.

In order to offer tourists new cultural and educational goods, a separate archeological park on the ancient Roman historical heritage site was established.

The project directly affected the long-term reduction of unemployment, developed new buildings for public, tourist and social purposes, introduced a new model for management of visitors, and developed new facilities for all ages and social groups.

The total project value is 18,198,748.21 HRK and it was financed from European Structural and Investment Fund. 

Field of action:  tourism, social infrastructure 

Geographical coverage: North-west Croatia

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