Green Grill: Casa della Rete di riserve Alta valle di Cembra in Avisio, Altavalle

Green Grill – Info e Sapori, la Casa della Rete di Riserve Alta Val di Cembra-Avisio, opened in 2014 thanks to the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) 2007-2013. Green Grill is an info point that provides touristic information about the Alta Valle di Cembra and is also a shop for local products. Here visitors can find information on trekking paths among alpine peat mosses and century-old chestnuts, discover some fun environmental and cultural trivia and take a closer look at some small local farms that preserve the landscape and its agricultural biodiversity. Green Grill also lets tourists find out about local and organic products, such as locally sourced cold cuts, seasoned mountain cheese and the best-known Val di Cembra wines. Here sustainability is a key factor: Green Grill has multiple interactive spaces that involve eco-friendly topics and the whole structure is built following energy-saving principles: it’s made with woods from the Grumes forest which are cut and sawn locally, it’s heated by chips of the same local wood and it was furnished by local artisans with recycled materials

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