Echoes from invisible landscapes is an interdisciplinary cooperation project. Echoes stand for acoustic or imagined remnants of individual or collective histories; landscapes provide the physical and metaphorical basis for cultural identities. Echoes invited artists and cultural actors to engage with the topography, history and people in the Alp-Adriatic region and create new inter-disciplinary collaborative work as an expression of cultural communication in Europe.Echoes reached a large and diverse audience, involving numerous artists, researchers, cultural actors, and others in a dynamic process in Austria, Slovenia and Croatia, inviting them to engage with hidden layers of the region on a reflective level, bringing people together in an ongoing inter-disciplinary, creative exploration. This gave rise to a new body of artworks and writings including applied research, photography, sculpture, films, music and sound art. Audiences, artists, & new works travelled across borders to public events.

Echoes mapped new crossovers between various genres. Applied cultural anthropology, music & performance, concept art & sound art, literature, publishing & cultural heritage collided & merged, giving rise to new means of expression reflecting the diversity of European culture.Wieser Verlag looked back over the last Century in an anthology of European writing, Echo des Jahrhunderts. ZMT commissioned Bratko Bibic with Javorca, a multi-media work set in a non-denominational chapel in the stunning Soca Valley, and brought artistic engagement with landscapes into the present in contemporary music performances, creative workshops for children, a public photo competition opening up the creative process and collaborative conferences and presentations with Echoes partners.The University focused on trans-disciplinary research, involving Echoes partners, artists, students, researchers & locals in an applied cultural anthropological exploration of Austria’s Görtschitz Valley.

Inhabitants were actively involved, providing interviews and selfies to be shown in the exhibition Going Görtschitz in April 2018, which opened with a reading marathon by Lojze Wieser and a performance by Zabelka, Mani & Gavino Canu. The exhibition includes works by 6 artists as well as artefacts from the area, a collection of postcards from inhabitants of the valley and posters presenting the results of the students’ applied research. Mani doo, with its focus on bringing art & culture to the periphery, worked closely with all the partners, hosted an Echoes presentation in Rovinj and created Echoes on Air, which connected musicians in the national broadcasting studios in Vienna, Pula, Ljubljana & Belgrade in a live radio show that carried Echoes across the ether. Mani’s performance events brought audiences into direct, dynamic contact with artists & cultural actors in Hrelji, in collaboration with Enterprise Z and Echoes partners, in “Kruzni Tok”, “SCHREI – scream, shout, cry” and “ALARM!”, involving a podium discussion and live performances. This was preceded by Enterprise Z’s border-crossing contribution Echoes on the Road, which transported musicians through the region, performing & meeting audiences in public space. Enterprise Z invited artists to participate in a sonic harvest, collecting recordings that were used in new pieces, and hosted numerous presentations & workshops. Echoes benefitted from the partners’ diversity, addressing a wide range of European culture, creatively and collaboratively exploring the region. The resonances continue.

This project started in May 2016 and it was concluded in November 2018, with a union grant of 200,000 Euros.

Field of action: Culture

Geographical coverage: Alp-Adriatic region

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