Development of strategic cross-border cooperation between letenye, Prelog and Ludbreg (DESCO)

DESCO is a European Union project approved for funding under the Hungary-Croatia Interreg cross-border cooperation program. The intensity of public support is 85% of total eligible costs, and the estimated duration is 16 months. The project DESCO was based on the mutual need to strengthen cooperation between small towns and different stakeholders and it gathers three partners from the two countries, Town Ludbreg, Town Prelog, and Letenye Municipality. The project aims to establish cross-border cooperation, strengthen capacities of local self-government and create a strategic basis for encouraging and increasing the number of cross-border initiatives in the field of small and medium-sized enterprises (SME), civil society and public authorities.

The primary purpose of DESCO is to provide tools that will enable all interested to find partners or associates in one place in real-time, which will ultimately result in new business co-operations, projects, and programs in the cross-border area. Tools that will enable the creation of strategic partnerships include the development of an e-platform that will have a base of various stakeholders. Also through the project different methodologies for the development of entrepreneurship, smart cities, information and communication technologies, and sustainable development will be developed.

The total project value is 263.657,80 € and it was financed from Hungary-Croatia Interreg cross-border cooperation program.

Field of action:  Cross-border cooperation 

Geographical coverage:  Croatia and Hungary (cross-border cooperation) 

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