Catalonia participates at the Vanguard Initiative

Catalonia is one of the 35 partnering regions of the Vanguard Initiative, a project which aims to boost new growth through a smart specialisation strategy. The strategy consists of a bottom-up entrepreneurial innovation and industrial renewal in European priority areas. The project is rooted in political commitment between the participating regions, which are responsible for bringing forth their local initiatives and create strong partnerships to achieve industrial growth.

Catalonia has been very active in the fields of innovation and research, considering that the region is home to many internationally recognised universities, as well as research and technology centres. Also, it is one of the main poles of attraction for foreign direct investment in Europe as it holds more than 25% of exports in Spain and 1% of the world’s total scientific production per inhabitant.

The Vanguard initiative is going to benefit by Catalonia’s Smart Specialisation Strategy for Innovation (RIS3CAT) which focuses on enhancing the competitiveness of the fabric industry. The way of doing so is through improving the efficiency of production process and promoting new emerging economic activities by means of research, creativity and innovation. The Strategy is supported by the European Regional Development Fund.

Furthermore, Catalonia will be leading the way in the fields of additive manufacturing and 3D Printing. In June 21-23 2019, the first edition of the Fair “In(3D)ustry, From Needs to Solutions” was held in Barcelona. It was attended by major companies such as HP, Hofmann, REnishaw or Nexeo Solutions; technology centres such as Eureco and Leitat; and the main Catalan companies and distributors in the sector. The Catalan Government has also announced that it will promote the creation of the Advanced Manufacturing Cluster in response to Industry 4.0 challenges and apply sector innovations through business collaboration.

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