B-LIVE – Active Citizenship for Revived EU Countryside

The EU is facing profound demographic imbalance as a result of ongoing process of rural exodus since the early decades of the second half of the twentieth century. Investment policy in EU rural areas is unsuficient. The countryside value system is devalued. Consequently, rural areas are for permanent living unattractive to young people. EU rural areas must reinvent themselves in order to become competitive and attractive. The project B-LIVE will bring together 11 partners (SI, AT, CZ, SVK, HU, SRB and CRO) for debate on concrete issues on how to revive and make EU rural areas again the foundation of values and Europeanism with recognition of diversity as an advantage rather than an obstacle. The project partners will identify opportunities, seek solutions and share their successful stories on different fields in the area of countryside revitalization with aims of:

• Contributing to preparation of more efficient agricultural policy in the next financial perspective with preparation of the “Declaration on European Rural Areas – The Future of the Past”, which will be presented to the decision makers.

• Raising awareness among active young Europeans, countryside is a value and the building block of Europeanism.

Among the expected outcomes are:

• Awareness of EU decision-makers in the field of the common agricultural policy with project recommendations, which will make an important contribution to enhancement cohesion of rural areas and to restoring vitality and competitiveness of European rural areas – resulting in a demographically balanced EU.

• Countryside youth activation through activities that will express positive potencial and value of the cultural and natural heritage.

350 project participants will be directly involved inactivities, more than 1.500 will take part in project events and more than 3.000 will be reached through project activities. The start date of the project is 15-02-2020 and it will run until 20-11-2020, with a total budget of 25000 Euros.

Field of action: Democratic engagement and civic participation

Geographical coverage:  Slovenia, Slovakia, Hungary, Croatia, Serbia, Austria, Czechia

Link to the website: https://ec.europa.eu/programmes/europe-for-citizens/projects/efc-project-details-page/?nodeRef=workspace://SpacesStore/ffdf1a2d-9d46-4e09-9a7d-e0afa3c294fc

Photo credits: Sebastiano Piazzi (Unsplash)

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