Alba, Romania


Alba County is located in the Central-Western part of Romania, on the middle course of Mures River. Its surface is 6.242 km2 which is equivalent to the 2.6 % of the country territory and its population comprises of 382.700 inhabitants. Alba has 67 communes and its capital is Alba Iulia (located on an altitude of 220-250 m in the Western part of the Apuseni Mountains).
The three most important natural units of the county that provide relief are the Apuseni Mountains on North-West, the Meridional Carpathian on the South and the Transylvania Plateau on the East. Due to the diversity of its relief, Alba County is one of the Romanian counties with striking and picturesque landscapes, which harmoniously coexist with urban landscapes. In order to be protected, some of them were declared natural reserves.


Alba County Council envisions transforming the county into a pillar of economic growth driven by sustainable tourism activities, an environmentally friendly living space and an attractive destination within the European multicultural landscape where the expression through language, music, architecture and cultural heritage is prominent.
Its mission is defined by modern, flexible and efficient public administration which seeks to bring together administration, civil society and private sector. Among its values are: responsibility towards citizens and local communities, transparency, professionalism and accessibility to citizens.



1. ENSURE – European Network for the Cohesion and Solidarity in Rural Areas (2017-2019)
Alba County has partnered with the EU for this project which serves to increase the relevance of policy makers as actors addressing the needs of rural citizens in the context of EU policies and European Citizenship.
ENSURE addresses prevalent issues such as local development and cross border mobility and aims to rebuild the trust of rural populations in the European Union and its democratic tools. The project is co-financed by the European Union, Europe for Citizens Programme.

2. SIMPLA – Sustainable Integrated Multi-sector Planning (2016-2019)
SIMPLA’s ultimate goal is empowering public authorities to develop, implement and finance sustainable energy policies and actions by creating the conditions for a smart integration between SEAPs (Sustainable Energy Action Plans) and SUMPs (Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans), two integrated local planning tools promoted by the European Commission. The project addresses towns, cities or their aggregations with a population between 50.000 and 350.000 inhabitants.
Alba County is among the partners of this project, aiming to benefit from the Network of National Focal Points as well as the Guidelines and the online observatory that the project seeks to establish. Through these tools local authorities and stakeholders will have the opportunity to participate in capacity building actions (such as webinars) and exchange technical expertise and knowhow in the fields of energy, transport, mobility and land-use planning at community and city level.

3. Projects coordinated by Alba County Council between 2012-2020

    • Integrated management of the ROSPA0043 Frumoasa and ROSCI0085 Frumoasa sites
    • Energetic rehabilitation of the Emergency Hospital of Alba Iulia
    • Modernization of the county road DJ 107




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