Alba County participates in ENSURE

Alba County Council is one of the 14 partners of the international project called ENSURE, which stands for European Network for Cohesion and Solidarity in Rural Areas and is co-financed by the European Union (Europe for Citizens Program). Among the rest of the partners are local authorities, federations and NGOs from 11 European Union Member States and the two neighbouring countries of Serbia and Montenegro.

The ENSURE project aims at rendering policy makers relevant actors in addressing the needs of rural citizens in the context of EU policies and European citizenship. At a time when citizens’ – rural citizen’s in particular– confidence in the EU decision-making is rapidly declining, the project aims to understand Euro-scepticism, in order to strengthen the use of the available EU democratic tools.

The project addresses day-to-day issues and needs, which are prevalent for rural citizens, such as: local development, cross-border mobility of agricultural workers, food security, etc. By bringing these subjects up, the project seeks to tackle the decline of support for the EU and Euro-scepticism, as well as extend the benefits of EU citizenship on rural areas. The long-term outcome would be a lasting partnership in the form of the ENSURE Network.

ENSURE has already organised 6 events with the participation of representatives from Alba County. The events were aiming at raising awareness of what the network has accomplished so far and at discussing important issues such as the meaning of participatory democracy, EU policy instruments and youth involvement in active society.

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